Riba simply means an unjust increase in relation to money and wealth. It specfically relates to money earned, at a particular rate, on money lent. It is the unjust enrichment at the expense of another.

It refers interchangeably to both interest and usury. To be riba free – contracts, transactions and practices must be free from interest, usury and exploitative practices. Any surplus of a commodity or increase in return without a counter value is riba.

Want to support us?

So, we can keep making a noise and raise awareness regarding the harms of interest and usurious practices. You can help keep the pressure on the banking industry by donating to the cause.

We are incubated by Euro Quality Foundation who are a registered charity in England & Wales since 2007. All funds go directly to them for the sole activities of the RFF. This is all while our very own charity application is being processed to the charity commission.


What is Riba?

An increase, augmentation and growth on money, wealth or property. Usually refers to a scenario where someone profits though a transaction or agreement where money is principally used to earn a profit or higher sums of money.

What’s the issue with interest?

Over the past 100 years, interest has played a significant role in ensuring major parts of the global population are busy servicing debt by paying more money on top what they borrow. Fundamentally the interest-based model widens economic inequality. No country has ever implemented a fully-fledged interest free economic system and this approach would relieve millions of households from its heaviness. The RFF advocates and champions the use of riba-free and promotes business, products and services which offer riba-free value-based solutions.

Who are we paying our funds to?

The Riba Free Foundation (RFF) has been incubated through the Euro Quality Foundation (EQF) who are a registered charity since 2007. Their charity registration no is 1119242. You can also check them out at Euro Quality Foundation

What is the purpose of the RFF?

The purpose of our organisation is to shine a light on the harmful nature of interest and usury (known as riba) so that people can better understand money, finance and economics through the lens of Riba. We provide riba-free financial training and champion the use of riba-free through marketing and awareness campaigns.

To provide value beyond that we are currently developing a product directory of riba-free businesses and financial institutions that have riba-free products and services. We only ensure that organisations in the product directory have been properly vetted and endorsed to provide real value and commercially driven solutions for the masses.

Are you a registered charity?

We are going through our own separate charity registration process via a reputable accounting firm. The charity process is much longer than registering a company, so can take considerable amount of time. We will keep you informed once we have received our own official approval through the charity commission of England & Wales.

Can we request the RFF to provide training to our organisation or speak at an event?

Off course, we would be happy to. Just get in touch with us at hello@ribafree.org.uk and someone from the team will reach out to discuss your needs and requirements.